Why ProMed Nutritionals

About ProMed Nutritionals

ProMed Nutritionals LLC, proud makers of PROTEEM and official bottler for MICALIZZI ICE Nutritional Supplements, was founded in response to a real need within the protein supplement industry. The industry was inundated with companies whose sole interest was to make the sale. The two biggest tactics being to produce an inferior product (through the use of poorer quality proteins and fillers) and offering larger profit margins to retailers or to use the "fudge factor" allowed in the declaration of supplement nutrition facts in efforts to deceive the public into thinking products were fat free, carbohydrate free, and possessed more protein than it truly did.

This was something that a company could get away with, because the beneficial effects of protein especially in the form of increased muscle can take some time to be realized. Ultimately, the customer would cease the purchase process after not realizing a noticeable improvement toward their goal, which would be OK because the company knew there would be another person to take the last person's place in the sales chain.

These companies were clearly driven by the numbers and what may have started as a good idea quickly became a series of cut corners, big marketing campaigns, and ultimately the product suffered and the customer paid the price.

With this background in mind, ProMed Nutritionals protein products were initially designed to meet the specific needs of Natural Bodybuilders as they prepared for competition. Because no product existed that brought together the proper "blending" of only quality ingredients and accurate product labeling, we at PROTEEM stepped up to fulfill that need.

ProMed Nutritionals, LLC makes use of all the same science and research in engineering our blends as any of the other manufacturers, except, we focus on what would make the best blend, as opposed to what might make the most profitable blend.

Today, ProMed Nutritionals, LLC exists as a "boutique" protein company. We focus solely on producing the best of whey protein powder blends and provide both custom blending product services, as well as a standardized line. Our products are ideal for all individuals and not just elite athletes, but have the benefit of having been designed for those athletes, who continue to use our products today. Our customers range from individuals to supermarkets and they all have a common interest in a high-quality protein product that delivers.

Any customer of ProMed Nutritionals is never more than a phone call or an email away from talking with one of the partners. Each and every customer is important to us and we want to know how the products are working toward achieving the customer's personal goals. As for our key to success, we feel that if we can continue to produce an excellent product and support our customers, our customers will continue to support us. That is the relationship we want to have with our customers.

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.